Tencent's 'smart city' seen as model for post-coronavirus China

(Eco Business, 25 Jun 2020) A new smart city that prioritises people and the environment with the help of technolgy may be a model in a post-pandemic world.

Chinese tech giant Tencent is creating a “smart city” that utilises technology to put people and the environment first, a model that could be applied to other urban developments after the coronavirus, the project’s architect said on Wednesday.

Net City will be a 2 million square metre (21.5 million square feet) neighbourhood in the southeastern city of Shenzhen, comprising Tencent offices and residences for its employees, as well as public amenities such as parks and a waterfront area.

With fewer streets for cars, “green” garden roofs on buildings and the use of artificial intelligence, Net City is a model for the “future of city building”, said Jonathan Ward, a design partner at NBBJ, a United States-based architecture firm.

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Eco Business, 25 Jun 2020: Tencent's 'smart city' seen as model for post-coronavirus China