The call for a "Renovation Fund For All Europeans" gains momentum, reaches out to Poland

(26 May 2020) Supporters of the campaign has now grown to 125 entities, as the proposal for the EU Economic Recovery Package is scheduled for Wednesday, 27th of May.

The Renovate Europe Campaign, in a joint action with 39 of its Partners, launched a proposal for the creation of a “Renovation Fund for All Europeans”. The call is now supported by 125 European companies and organisations (including eceee).

The call seeks to give a powerful suggestion for the current discussion within the European Commission around the preparation of a common EU Economic Recovery Plan post COVID-19, which, according to the call, should ultimately ensure that energy renovation of the EU building stock plays a central role in getting the EU back on its feet.

At the heart of the call is a fear that COVID-19 could take the EU backwards to political fragmentation, economic stagnation and social breakdown. In the light of this, the common initiative, it is believed, could bind Europeans and the European Union closer together, providing the impetus for renewed economic activity shaped by the principles of the European Green Deal while addressing the inequalities in our society in an inclusive manner.

Last week, campaign members issued a letter (in Polish) addressed to the Polish Government, which calls for putting building renovation at the heart of the country’s economic recovery plan.

The letter lists numerous long-term economic, societal and environmental benefits of accelerated energy-efficiency renovation of buildings in Poland and links to the current discussions at EU level on economic recovery plan, which is expected to bring new financial resources for building renovation to be used at national level.

The campaign calls for supporters in Poland to support the initiative via this website.

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