The time to scale-up energy storage in southeastern Europe is now

(EurActiv, 30 Jan 2023) The cornerstone of a successful energy transition in southeastern Europe is the accelerated uptake of renewables and energy storage technologies, which should go hand in hand with the phase-out of coal and gas, write Toby D. Couture and Martin Vladimirov.

Toby D. Couture is the founder and director of E3 Analytics, a Berlin-based consulting firm focusing on topics related to the global energy transition. He has over 15 years of experience in the sector and has published a range of reports and analyses on Southeast Europe and the Western Balkan region.

Martin Vladimirov is Director of the Energy and Climate Program at the Center for the Study of Democracy, a European public policy institute. Mr. Vladimirov works on European energy and climate security and manages the Energy and Climate Security Risk Index

Russia’s war in Ukraine and the ensuing global energy market disruption has sent EU countries scrambling for alternatives to secure domestic energy supplies. With its REPowerEU Plan, the European Commission aims to accelerate the roll-out of renewable energy technologies (which now rank among the cheapest sources of electricity worldwide) to replace fossil fuels in power generation, industry and transportation.

Тhe fastest way to achieve decarbonisation goals in Southeast Europe (SEE) is to accelerate the phase-out of coal and replace it with renewables. Every year putting off the coal exit crowds out investments in cleaner and cheaper alternatives, increase the human and health costs of air and water pollution and slows the economic transition to sustainable development.

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EurActiv, 30 Jan 2023: The time to scale-up energy storage in southeastern Europe is now