UK Government sets out plan to make smart EV charging ‘the norm’ by 2025

(, 17 Jan 2023) The UK Government is unveiling a new Electric Vehicle (EV) Smart Charging Plan, stating an ambition for smart charging to become the most popular method of long-duration vehicle charging at homes and workplaces within two years.

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has confirmed that the plan will be published today (17 January), following extensive work with the Department for Transport (DfT) and energy regulator Ofgem. edie has not yet had sight of the plan in full but has received a summary.

Building on a new mandate for EV charging point sellers that came into force last summer, requiring all units sold for private use to have smart functionality, the Strategy will set out new measures to scale smart charging and improve the consumer experience in the coming years. There is a focus on charging at work and home through to 2025 and on public charging thereafter.

The Government is touting smart charging as a money-saving option for EV drivers and claims that motorists who clock up significant mileage each year could save up to £1,000 annually. One Government-backed trial in 2022 revealed average savings of £600. It has also stated that, because smart charging en-masse can take pressure off the electricity grid by unlocking flexibility, it could reduce electricity system costs, thus resulting in savings for all.

External link, 17 Jan 2023: UK Government sets out plan to make smart EV charging ‘the norm’ by 2025