UK nuclear industry seeks subsidies for survival

(Climate News Network, 23 Sep 2020) The UK nuclear industry hopes the British government will go on subsidising it, despite the existence of cheaper fuels.

The decision by the Japanese company Hitachi to abandon its plan to build two large nuclear plants in the United Kingdom leaves the British government’s energy plans in tatters, and the UK nuclear industry reeling.

The UK’s official plan is still to build ten nuclear stations in Britain, but only three schemes remain. Most have now been cancelled by the companies that planned to build them, principally because they cannot raise the capital to do so. This leaves only the debt-laden French giant EdF and the Chinese state-owned industry still in the field.

At the same time, Britain’s existing nuclear plants are in trouble. They are not ageing gracefully, cracks in their graphite cores and rust in their pipework causing ever-lengthening shutdowns and retirement dates to be brought forward.

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Climate News Network, 23 Sep 2020: UK nuclear industry seeks subsidies for survival