Ukraine envoy raps Germany over ‘shameful’ energy dependence on Russia

(EurActiv, 8 Apr 2022) Ukraine’s ambassador to Berlin has accused the German government of half-hearted support for Kyiv and said his country had become a victim of Germany’s “shameful” energy dependence on Russia.

His comments underscore a growing frustration in Kyiv with Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s government, who has pledged support and backed some sanctions against Russia over its six-week-old invasion of Ukraine but dragged its heels where experts believe it counts the most – an energy embargo.

“It’s not just Russian gas. It’s oil, coal, metals, diamonds and other raw materials. We [Ukraine] have become the biggest victim of this perverted relationship. Ukrainians are paying for this failed German policy with their lives,” Andrij Melnyk, Kyiv’s ambassador to Germany, told Reuters on Friday (8 April).

“This kind of hypocrisy with Russia dates back to Nord Stream 1 (gas pipeline),” said Melnyk. “Germany’s huge dependence on Russia, at a time of the worst aggression since the Second World War, is shameful.”

After the German government put its highly contested new gas pipeline from Russia, Nord Stream 2, on hold after the invasion, there have been calls, unheeded in Berlin, to shut down Nord Stream 1, which has funnelled Russian gas to Germany since 2011.

The European Union agreed on further sanctions on Russia this week, including a coal embargo, but Germany watered down the measure.

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EurActiv, 8 Apr 2022: Ukraine envoy raps Germany over ‘shameful’ energy dependence on Russia