Ukraine fears blackout, calls on EU to secure electricity supply

(EurActiv, 11 Mar 2022) Russia is now shelling critical energy infrastructure in Ukraine, making the country’s connection to Europe’s electricity grid all the more pressing, the CEO of the Ukrainian energy company DTEK told journalists on Thursday (10 March).

Ukraine is currently disconnected from the Russian, Belarusian and European electricity grids because it was running a test to fully join the European grid when Russia invaded the country.

Kyiv is now looking for an emergency integration into the European continental electricity grid to prevent blackouts and ensure the energy system remains stable as Russia’s invasion continues.

The process of synchronising the Ukrainian power system with Europe’s is in the final stage and should be completed in the next few days, Ukraine’s Ministry of Energy said on Tuesday (8 March).

“We expect our accession to take place next week,” energy minister German Galuschenko said.

Kadri Simson, the EU’s energy commissioner, has been pushing for Ukraine’s connection to the European electricity grid. “Ukraine is part of Europe and that should be also the case for their energy system,” she said on Tuesday (8 March).

“We have committed to link their power grid to the European continental grid as soon as possible. This will help to meet with the Ukrainian power system stable and the lights on,” she continued.

On 28 February, there was widespread agreement between EU energy ministers to do that. ENTSO-E, the European Network of Transmission System Operators, said on 1 March that its 39 members were “fully committed to the synchronisation with Ukraine and Moldova power systems”. It has not provided any further update since then.

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EurActiv, 11 Mar 2022: Ukraine fears blackout, calls on EU to secure electricity supply