Under fire, France’s ‘King Macron’ surveys nation on climate policy

(Climate Change News, 17 Jan 2019) After two months of disruption, the president seeks public input on four national issues, but gilets jaunes protestors are sceptical.

Faced with ongoing disruption from the gilets jaunes movement, French president Emmanuel Macron has launched a public consultation on four major national issues, including climate change.

Macron’s ‘great national debate’ offers French people the opportunity to participate in local consultations and surveys from 15 January until 15 March.

On top of the ecological transition, three broad themes are under discussion: taxes and public spending; democracy and citizenship and the organisation of the state and public services.

Protestors Climate Home News spoke to were sceptical about the initiative. Twenty-seven-year-old Dylan Malla, from Vannes in Brittany, said the town’s mayor had asked him to help organise a local debate.

“Honestly, I’m going to do it, because they are giving us the opportunity to speak and it’s not right to go on the street, just to hear them accuse us of not having accepted their offer,” said Malla, who has been jobless since July.

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Climate Change News, 17 Jan 2019: Under fire, France’s ‘King Macron’ surveys nation on climate policy