US-China climate deal buoys COP26 summit - but not a 'turning point'

(Reuters, 11 Nov 2021) A surprise deal between China and the United States to cooperate on climate change has brightened prospects for a deal at the COP26 climate summit - but is likely not enough to secure host Britain’s hopes for a “turning point for humanity”, analysts said.

In an unexpected turnaround, the two economic powerhouses - which together account for more than 40% of global carbon emissions - announced late Wednesday they would work on “enhanced climate actions” this decade.

Just last week in Glasgow, President Joe Biden had berated Chinese President Xi Jinping for making a “big mistake” by failing to attend.

In a declaration, the two nations committed to increase cooperation, including to reduce methane emissions, protect forests and phase out coal.

The unexpected reconciliation was widely hailed by delegates as clearing away the hurdle of broader U.S.-Chinese acrimony in Glasgow. The two-week summit is due to end on Friday.

Laurence Tubiana, CEO of the European Climate Foundation and a French architect of the 2015 Paris Agreement when Beijing and Washington worked together closely, hailed what she called “good news”

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Reuters, 11 Nov 2021: US-China climate deal buoys COP26 summit - but not a 'turning point'