Vital Cop26 climate talks could be derailed by coronavirus

(The Guardian, 3 Mar 2020) Preparations for Glasgow summit already hampered by travel restrictions

Concern is growing among campaigners that vital UN climate talks will be derailed by the coronavirus outbreak, while government officials are working to find ways round the problem.

This year’s UN talks on the climate are the most important since the Paris agreement in 2015, as the world is now far adrift of the Paris goals and the Cop26 summit – scheduled for Glasgow this November – is seen as one of the last chances to put nations back on track to avoid climate breakdown.

But while the talks will take place over a fortnight in November, the frantic round of global diplomacy required to reach a settlement is already under way and is being affected by the outbreak of the virus. Campaigners fear that preparations are being hampered by both the travel restrictionsand the urgent demands the outbreak is putting on governments’ time and resources.

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The Guardian, 3 Mar 2020: Vital Cop26 climate talks could be derailed by coronavirus