Why is Biden boasting about drilling for oil? Our planet demands we stop now

(The Guardian, 31 Mar 2022) Tragically, the Biden administration is choosing to expand the fossil fuel industry at this critical moment.

We are spiraling further into climate and ecological breakdown. Now is the perfect moment to build out renewables and end the fossil fuel industry as if the future of humanity depends on it.

Putin’s unprovoked and atrocious invasion of Ukraine has laid bare many things. One of these is our society’s precarious dependence on fossil fuels. Another is a burgeoning climate-driven food crisis. It’s time to phase out fossil fuels and industrial beef production with wartime resolve.

Any reasonable person can look at today’s climate impacts – the droughts, famines, floods, fires, storms, ecosystem losses, and deadly heat – see that they are caused primarily by burning fossil fuels, read the IPCC summary reports that project how much worse they will get and how irreversible the damage will be, and conclude that we must end the fossil fuel production as quickly as we can. Any one of the catastrophes I’ve listed should be reason enough to do so. Taken together, they indicate nothing less than the eventual end of civilization as we know it.

On top of this, Putin’s brutal war is funded primarily by the flow of gas and oil out of his country. Partly because the human brain finds war more “immediate” than climate breakdown, this has suddenly increased public awareness of the dangers of our fossil fuel addiction

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The Guardian, 31 Mar 2022: Why is Biden boasting about drilling for oil? Our planet demands we stop now