Wind energy giant Siemens Gamesa launches world’s first recyclable wind turbine

(Climate Action, 13 Sep 2021) Siemens Gamesa introduces pioneering technology with world’s first recyclable wind turbine blades in a sustainable breakthrough for the wind industry.

Leading supplier of offshore and onshore wind energy services Siemens Gamesa launches  RecyclableBlade, the world’s first wind turbine blade that can be recycled at the end of its lifecycle. Siemens Gamesa’s first six blades with this pioneering technology have already been produced at their factory in Aalborg, Denmark and are ready for installation.

Typically, 85% of a wind turbines already have established recycling practices, including the tower and nacelle components. However, the turbine blades have proved inherently difficult to recycle whereby separating the resin from other materials is a real challenge. Until now, turbine blades have mostly ended up at landfills, but RecyclableBlade seeks to break that mould.

Based on proven and reliable IntegralBlade technology, manufacturing of the new RecyclableBlade follows the exact same process with only a change of resin. The chemical structure of this new type of resin makes it possible to efficiently separate it from other components following decommission of the turbine, and the materials can be recycled for new applications.

Siemens Gamesa trusts that such materials may be useful in the automotive industry, or in consumer goods like flight cases and flat-screen casings. No matter the use, it is a major step forward in advancing the green revolution.

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Climate Action, 13 Sep 2021: Wind energy giant Siemens Gamesa launches world’s first recyclable wind turbine