World is running out of time on climate, experts warn

(The Guardian, 9 Nov 2020) In wake of Covid, leading figures call for bold green measures to boost economy.

World leaders are running out of time to forge a green recovery from the Covid-19 crisis, with only a year to go before a crunch UN summit that will decide the future of the global climate, leading experts have warned.

Progress on a green recovery, which would reduce emissions while repairing the damage from the pandemic, has been hampered by the need for an emergency rescue of stricken economies around the world and the resurgence of the coronavirus in Europe, the US and some other countries.

But with global heating showing no sign of slowing, and the danger signals of climate breakdown increasingly evident – from the Arctic ice to American wildfires – the race is on to build the global economy back better.

Ban Ki-moon, former UN secretary-general, told the Guardian: “It is important to build back the economy but if we do not keep global temperature rises below 1.5C this will create a huge, huge problem. Cities and countries across the world may simply cease to exist in a 3C world[which is where current climate commitments would lead]. So we must redouble our efforts before we pass the point of no return.”

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The Guardian, 9 Nov 2020: World is running out of time on climate, experts warn