eceee receives prestigious award for its work on evidence-based information, opinion and analysis

(15 Nov 2017) eceee Press Release – On Wednesday night, in Lund, Sweden, eceee was awarded the Swedish “Future-Builder of the Year”, Sweden’s most prestigious sustainable energy award. The award, in the category “Opinion Leader of the Year”, was presented by the Lund University Board Chair Mr. Jonas Hafström to eceee’s Executive Director Mr. Nils Borg.

eceee’s Executive Director Nils Borg speaks at the award ceremony. Photo Jens C Hilner.

eceee’s Executive Director Mr. Nils Borg with the jury. Photo Jens C Hilner.

The Future-Builder of the Year is awarded by the Foundation for Developing Energy Efficient Buildings (SUEB) in cooperation with the University of Lund. The total award sum is 1.2 MSEK (approx. 120 000 euro).

The award has three categories: Innovator of the Year, Opinion Leader of the Year, and an award to several students: Talent of the Year. The award sum for the Opinion Leader of the Year is 250 000 SEK (~25 000 euro).

“We are very happy that our long and consistent work for promoting evidence-based information and analysis on energy efficiency is recognised” said eceee’s Director Mr. Nils Borg. “But I must stress that it is in eceee as a community where opinions and positions are developed. Our members, Summer Study participants, panel leaders, experts, our secretariat and our active board represent an incredible wealth of experience and knowledge. This prize is for all of us.”

“Energy efficiency is quite simple in principle, but we need to keep redefining what it means as technology, policy and markets develop”, said Mr. Peter Bach, eceee’s President and one of eceee’s founders. “But we have come a long way to hear IEA call it the first Fuel and the European Commission make it the No 1 priority”.

The SUEB Foundation points out that eceee is Europe’s oldest and largest energy efficiency NGO (founded 1993) within the area of energy efficiency, and it has worked with opinion-making and awareness-raising on making buildings, transportation and products more energy efficient.

The jury motivated the award as follows: ”Through in-depth and evidence-based analysis, eceee has become a credible and important actor to move energy efficiency in the EU and Brussels policy processes forward. eceee’s contributions on NZEB (Nearly Zero Energy Buildings) are good examples of this. This long-term and systematic work on energy efficiency, not the least its focus on buildings, is a strong justification for the recognition as Future-Builder of the Year”.

Hans Nilsson awarded Innovator of the Year

eceee also takes the opportunity to congratulate one of our founders Mr Hans Nilsson, for the prestgious award Innovator of the Year that was presented Wednesday night as well. Hans Nilsson was awarded for his work on technology procurement and innovative ways to promote energy efficiency and deploy energy efficient technology.

Innovator of the year Hans Nilsson speaks at the ceremony. Photo Jens C Hilner.