Press release: Save the ecodesign and labelling package! Thursday meeting in the European Commission risks missing energy and climate targets and may increase costs to all

(27 Sep 2018) eceee has co-signed a joint letter to European Commission President Juncker, Secretary General Selmayr and three Commissioners calling for them to save the ecodesign package. A delay seriously threatens the EU 2020 energy savings and climate targets and may cost European consumers large amounts every year.

Will the European Commission’ hierarchy delay years of work on product measures by reducing the Ecodesign & Energy Labelling Package to a bare minimum? This is the question asked by 54 European organisations who yesterday sent a joint letter to President Juncker, Secretary General Selmayr and DG Energy, Environment and GROW.

The recent uncertainty as to the final shape of the “Ecodesign & Energy Labelling Package” brought 54 organisations to send the letter asking them not to delay or minimise the Package and to adopt the 20 Ecodesign & Energy Labelling measures as initially planned.

What’s at stake?

Energy savings equivalent to 5% of the EU electricity consumption and innovative requirements to facilitate repair and recycling of products. According to the Commission itself, ecodesign and energy labelling delivers nearly half of the 2020 energy savings goal and a quarter of the emissions reduction target. The directives deliver cost-effective savings and are expected to deliver 490 euro per year in energy savings per European household.

This decision as to the fate of the Package will be taken tomorrow, on Friday 28 September 2018, as part of a centralised process within the European Commission. As a result, the final decision as to a number of delegated and implementing acts might be left to the next Commission, which will not be in place until late 2019.

Repeated delays, as experienced over the last few years, are costly. They mean lost energy savings for citizens and the climate, costs of uncertainty and late return on investments for the industry, as well as reduced resource mobilisation for civil servants involved in policy-making. A delay will also make it more difficult and costly to meet EU’s energy efficiency and climate target for 2030.

Also worth noting, both the European Parliament and the Council have called for a timely implementation of an ambitious Ecodesign policy: see the 2016 Council conclusions or the 2018 European Parliament report on Ecodesign.

See the five letters on ECOS’ web site.

Anyone who wishes to reach the Commission can use the following e-mail addresses, and should do so before the meeting on Friday the 28th.