EuroACE: Final agreement on the Buildings Directive. Time to deliver on the ground

(EuroACE, 12 Apr 2024) The Council's adoption of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) recast today propels the EU towards greater competitiveness and energy security. The key to delivering tangible results for Europe's citizens and businesses now lies in promptly and fully implementing the EPBD at the national level, EuroACE says in a press release following the adoption of the EPBD.

Today's adoption of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) completes the Fit for 55 package and marks a significant step towards achieving the EU’s climate neutrality goals. The strong support for the text signals a shared understanding of the importance of energy efficiency and its crucial role in lowering energy bills, improving living conditions, enhancing energy security, and boosting competitiveness.

The adopted text contains several key provisions that will provide improved market visibility to the sector:

  • A clear roadmap for owners and industry players through Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) in the non-residential sector
  • A binding energy consumption trajectory for the residential sector
  • Welcome provisions facilitating the energy renovation process – notably the rolling out of one-stop shops as well as improving access to quality information and finance.

As we celebrate today's adoption in Brussels, the work should already start at the national level. This entails establishing a stable policy framework and well-designed financing schemes in each Member State, providing long-term market visibility to drive investments in the sector. From designing energy-efficient solutions for new buildings to providing cutting-edge solutions for retrofitting existing buildings, our industry stands ready to scale up our efforts.

“The energy efficiency industry is ready to deliver and make efficient buildings Europe’s next industrial success story. We have a strong regulatory foundation, but while targets matter, it is implementation at the national level that will deliver better living conditions and improve the resilience of our buildings. Let’s get to work immediately.”, said Julie Kjestrup, President of EuroACE and Head of Policy and Thought Leadership at VELUX.

“It has been a long but worthwhile journey from the Commission proposal in 2021 to today’s final vote. We welcome it and look forward to supporting it at a national level. The technology deployment this law supports is an opportunity to decarbonise and digitalise offices and homes across the union. Neither governments nor businesses can afford to squander it: all eyes are now on transposition and delivery.”, said Bertrand Deprez Vice-President of EuroACE and VP EU Government Affairs at Schneider Electric.

“By leveraging the potential of our built environment to advance the energy transition, we can pave the way for a safer, more resilient future for generations to come. There is no time to lose on implementation, let’s hit the ground running!” said Adrian Joyce, Secretary General of EuroACE.

EuroACE, 12 Apr 2024: EuroACE: Final agreement on the Buildings Directive. Time to deliver on the ground