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641/2009: Circulators in buildings

Last updated: 02 August 2011

Final regulation for circulators in buildings entered into force 12 August 2009. An amendment was adopted in 2011.

Ecodesign requirements

The measure defines circulator as a glandless impeller pump up to 2500W used primarily for central heating systems. A standalone circulator is a circulator separate from the boiler, glandless means that the circulator has the shaft of the motor directly coupled to the impeller (the motor is also immersed in the pumped medium).

Date Process Key documents
2012-07 Amendment in force

Amendment 622/2012 (pdf)

2009-08 Entry into force

OJ L 191, 23.7.2009 (pdf)

2008-02 Study completed

Final report circulators (pdf)


Archived documents (zip)