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Lot 18: Complex set top boxes

Last updated: 26 September 2017

Consultation Forum was held 15 November 2017.

The Commission has recognised the voluntary agreement for complex set top boxes as an alternative to regulation.

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Scope and target

This product group covers digital convertors for TVs, including additional features such as pay-TV and network connectivity.

Maximum energy consumption targets are specified in annex D and the agreement also includes reporting obligations and monitoring rules.

The signatories have committed to at least 90 % of their CSTBs placed on the EU market would comply with the minimum efficiency requirements in terms of total energy consumption.


The impact assessment showed that the proposed voluntary agreement meets the criteria set out in the Ecodesign Directive and that it offers similar energy savings to those that could be obtained from a possible regulation.

A voluntary agreement for this product group was suggested, partly since:

  • The energy use of these devises is impacted by the way they are operated by the service providers.
  • The function of these devices are quickly evolving, which requires a flexible approach in setting requirements.

The expected savings of the agreement are 6.5 TWh/year by 2016.

Date Process Key documents
2017-11-15 Consultation Forum

Product website

Updated Voluntary Agreement (pdf)

Reporting templates (xlsx)

2012-11 Commission report of impact assessment

Commission report (pdf)

2012-10 Consultation Forum

Note from Steering Committee (pdf)
Report of independent inspector (pdf)
Presentation DIF (pdf)
Presentation Ecofys (pdf)

2012-05 Interservice Consultation

WD (pdf)
Explanatory notes (pdf)
Voluntary agreement (version 3.0, Sept 2011) (pdf)


Archived documents (zip)