Ecodesign status: Draft regulation

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Lot 31: Compressors

Last updated: 01 November 2019

Ecodesign requirements for electric compressors were proposed in 2019.

Date Process Key documents
2019-07-19 Draft reports

Possible ecodesign requirements for standard air compressor packages (pdf)

Possible ecodesign requirements for low pressure compressor packages and oil-free compressor packages (pdf)

2017-06-07 Preparatory Study

Low Pressure and Oil free Compressors (pdf)

2014-10 Consultation forum

WD (docx)
Transistional methods (docx)
Explanatory note (docx)

2014-06-03 Preparatory Study


Tasks 1-5 (pdf)
Tasks 6-8 (pdf)

2014-05 Consultation Forum 5 May 2014

Note on Compressors (docx)

2012-03 Product study kick off

Product website