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548/2014: Distribution and power transformers

Last updated: 30 January 2020

A revised ecodesign regulation was published in October 2019, amending regulation 548/2014.

The new requirements include:

  • A tightening of the requirements for load- and idle losses.
  • Clarifications for table I.7 regarding efficiency requirements for large liquid-cooled and dry transformers.
  • A change regarding the method for calculating maximum efficiency index (PEI) for distribution and large power transformers.
  • Clarification regarding when new implementations for a transformer will result in the transformer being considered as new and thus must fulfill the requirements that apply at the time of completion.

Taking effect on July 1, 2021:

  • It will be possible to apply for dispensation due to special reasons for not being able to meet the new requirements, e.g. if disproportionately high infrastructure costs arise. 

Taking effect on July 1, 2023:

  • The regulation should be evaluated if the set requirements are still relevant and if the requirement levels need to be changed.



The scope of the adopted ecodesign requirements includes small, medium and large power transformers with a minimum power rating of 1 kVA used in 50Hz electricity transmission and distribution networks or for industrial applications.


Examples of products excluded from the scope are:

  • instrument transformers,
  • traction transformers on rolling stock,
  • starting transformers and testing transformers.
Date Process Key documents
2019-10-01 New regulation approved

Final review: Proposal of regulation for ecodesign, Appendices

2017-10-31 Consultation Forum

Working document (doc)
Annex (docx)

2016-09 Preparatory study for the revision of regulation 548/2014 launched

Preparatory study website

2014-05-21 Final regulation published in the OJ

Final regulation (pdf)


Final report (pdf)
Project report (pdf)


Archived documents (zip)