Ecodesign status: Final regulation

Labelling status: Final regulation

1016/2010 and 1059/2010: Domestic dishwashers

Last updated: 30 January 2020

In December 2019, revised ecodesign and labelling requirements werre published, taking effect on March 1, 2021.

The new requirements include:

  • Ecodesign requirements regarding resource efficiency, such as requirements for repairability, mandatory access to spare parts, and good recoverability.
  • New scale for energy labelling. The old scale from A+++ to D will be replaced with a new scale from A to G.

Ecodesign requirements

The ecodesign regulations set requirements for the energy efficiency index, washing efficiency index, drying efficiency index, and information requirements for electric dish washers for usage in households. 

Energy labelling

The energy efficiency for electric dishwashers is labelled with a scale from A+++ to D, where A+++ is the most efficient. The label is also required to indicate the dishwasher’s yearly energy usage, yearly water usage, drying efficiency class, number of standard envelopes for the standard washing cycle, and noise level.

Date Process Key documents
2019-01-10 New regulations approved

Final review: ecodesign dishwashers (pdf), Annexes (pdf)

Final review: energy labelling dishwashers (pdf), Annexes (pdf)

2017-12-19 Consultation Forum

WD Energy Labelling (docx)
Annexes Energy Labelling (docx)
WD Ecodesign (docx)
Annexes Ecodesign (docx)

Explanatory memorandum (docx)

2017 Review study finalised

Review study (pdf)

Follow up (pdf)

2010-12 Labelling regulation enters into force

Final labelling regulation (pdf)

2010-11 Regulation published in the Official Journal

Final ecodesign regulation (pdf)


Archived documents (zip)

None Study on domestic wet appliances

Final report (zip)