Ecodesign status: Final regulation

Labelling status: Final regulation

Regulations 643/2009 and 1060/2010: Domestic refrigerators and freezers

Last updated: 03 October 2017

This product group is under revision. Consultation Forum will take place 6 December 2017.


The ecodesign requirements and energy labelling scale are built on an "energy efficiency index" (EEI), which is the ratio between annual consumption of the appliance and a standard consumption of a typical similar model. Minimum energy efficiency performance (ecodesign) requirements include:


Revised energy labelling requirements for this product group entered into force 2010. Labelling requirements were introduced in 1992 and according to the previous system, the best class was A. The scale was extended upwards with three new classes (A+, A++ and A+++).

Date Process Key documents
2014-01 Communication of implementation issued

Communication of the implementation of regulations 2005/32 and 1060/2010 (pdf)


Measurement methods for energy label (pdf)
Measurement standards ecodesign (pdf)
Measurement standards ecodesign corrigendum (pdf)

2010-12 Labelling regulation in force

Final labelling regulation (pdf)

2009-08 Entry into force

OJ L 191, 23.7.2009 (pdf)

2008 Study on domestic cold appliances

Final report (zip)


Archived documents (zip)