Ecodesign status: Final regulation

Labelling status: Final regulation

1015/2010 and 1061/2010: Domestic washing machines

Last updated: 30 January 2020

Revised ecodesign and labelling requirements were published in December 2019, taking effect on March 1, 2021.

The new requirements include:

  • Ecodesign requirements regarding resource efficiency, such as requirements for repairability, mandatory access to spare parts, and good recoverability.
  • Requirements for how well washing machines rinses.
  • Requirements regarding a maximum time for the tested and newly introduced main program 'eco 40-60'.
  • New requirements for combined washing machines/dryers.
  • New scale for energy labelling. The old scale from A+++ to G will be replaced with a new scale from A to G. 

Ecodesign requirements

The ecodesign regulations set requirements for energy efficiency, washing efficiency and water usage for electric washing machines used in households (not including combined washing machines/dryers). 

Energy labelling

The energy efficiency for electric washing machines (not including combined washing machines/dryers), based on a wash program for 60 degrees Celsius and cotton, is labelled with a scale from A+++ to G, where A+++ is the most efficient. 

Date Process Key documents
2019-01-10 New regulations approved

Final review: Proposal of regulation for energy labelling (pdf), Annexes (pdf)

Final review: Proposal of regulation for ecodesign requirements (pdf), Annexes (pdf)

2017-12-18 Consultation Forum

WD Ecodesign (docx)
Annexes Ecodesign (docx)
WD Labelling (docx)
Annexes Labelling (docx)

Explanatory memorandum (doc)

2017-11-17 Review study

Final review study (pdf)

2010-12 Labelling regulation in force

Final labelling regulation (pdf)


Corrigenda ecodesign regulation (pdf)

2010-11 Regulation published in the Official Journal

Final ecodesign regulation (pdf)

None Study on domestic wet appliances

Final report (zip)