Ecodesign status: Final regulation

Labelling status: Final regulation

1015/2010 and 1061/2010: Domestic washing machines

Last updated: 04 December 2018

This product group is under revision. Proposed energy labelling and ecodesign requirements are waiting for adoption.

Date Process Key documents

Public consultation ended in November 2018.

Proposals for ecodesign requirements an be found here.

Proposals for energy labelling requirements can be found here.

2017-12-18 Consultation Forum

WD Ecodesign (docx)
Annexes Ecodesign (docx)
WD Labelling (docx)
Annexes Labelling (docx)

Explanatory memorandum (doc)

2014 Review study started

Revision study web site

2010-12 Labelling regulation in force

Final labelling regulation (pdf)

2010-11 Regulation published in the Official Journal

Final ecodesign regulation (pdf)


Corrigenda ecodesign regulation (pdf)

2008 Study on domestic wet appliances

Final report (zip)