Ecodesign status: Final regulation

Labelling status: Final regulation

813/2013 and 392/201: Household tumble driers

Last updated: 29 August 2017

Ecodesign and labelling regulations for tumble driers entered into force in 2012. The product group is under revision.

The regulations include:

  • electric mains-operated tumble driers,
  • gas-fired household tumble driers,
  • built-in househould tumble driers (including those sold for commercial use)

Household combined washer-driers and household spin extractors are excluded from the scope.

Ecodesign requirements

Requirements for household tumble driers, one year after the entry into force,:

  • The Energy Efficiency Index (EEI) shall be less than 85.
  • For condenser household tumble driers, the weighted condensation efficiency shall not be lower than 60%.

Requirements for condenser household tumble driers, three years after the entry into force:

  • The EEI shall be less than 76.
  • The weighted condensation efficiency shall be not lower than 70%.

The EEI and the weighted condensation efficiency are specified in Annex II.

Energy labelling

The labelling regulation includes one label per type of appliance: electric air-vented, gas air-vented or electric condenser. The different types share the same energy classification.The regulation introduces a revised calculation method for the energy efficiency index. This is to align with the delegated acts for labelling of dishwashers and washing machines.

Date Process Key documents
2017-07-17 Product study for tumble driers was launched 17 July 2017.

Product study web site.

2012-10 Final ecodesign regulation

Final regulation (pdf)

2012-05 Labelling regulation pubished in the OJ

Final labelling regulation (pdf)

Corrigendum (pdf)

2009-03 Study on laundry driers

Final report (pdf)