Ecodesign status: Final regulation

Labelling status: Final regulation

65/2014 and 66/2014: Kitchen appliances

Last updated: 07 March 2015

Ecodesign and labelling requirements for domestic kitchen appliances entered into force in February 2014. Draft implementation guidelines were issued in March 2015.


The ecodesign requirements apply for the following domestic appliances:

  • domestic ovens including when incorporated in cookers,
  • domestic hobs,
  • domestic range hoods also when sold for non-domestic purposes.

The requirements will be introduced in three tiers and include minimum performance on energy effiency, maximum air flow and minimum illumination.


The scope of the labelling requirements include domestic ovens and range hoods for which two different measuring methods have been adopted.

Domestic range hoods will have to comply with mandatory energy labelling scales as follows:

  • G to A scale in 2015
  • F to A+ scale in 2016
  • E to A++ scale in 2018
  • D to A+++ scale in 2020

For domestic ovens, a D to A+++ scale will be mandatory from 2015.

The regulation applies from January and April 2015.

Date Process Key documents
2015 Regulation draft

Draft implementation guidlines (docx)

2014-02 Final regulation in force

Final ecodesign (pdf) and labelling (pdf) regulations
Implementation guidelines (docx)

2012-03 Final report

Task 1 (pdf)
Task 2 (pdf)
Task 3 (pdf)
Task 4 (pdf)
Task 5 (pdf)
Task 6 (pdf)


Archived documents (zip)