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ENTR Lot 5: Machine tools

Last updated: 30 November 2017

Consultation for this product group took place 25 October 2017.

Date Process Key documents
2017-10-25 Consultation Forum

Working document (doc)
Annexes (doc)
Explanatory notes (doc)
Standardisation request (pdf)

2014-05 Consultation Forum

WD (doc)
Annexes: A (pdf), B (pdf), C (docx), D (pdf), E (pdf)

2012-08 Final report

Executive summary (pdf)

Task 1 (pdf)
Task 2 (pdf)
Task 3 (pdf)
Task 4 (pdf)
Task 5 (pdf)
Task 6 (pdf)
Task 7 (pdf)


Arhived documents (zip)

None Consultation Forum

WD 1 Machine tools and welding equipment (doc)
WD  2 Annexes (doc)
WD  3 Explanatory notes (doc)