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Medical imaging equipment

Last updated: 03 April 2014

The initial agreement (or Self Regulatory Initiative - SRI) was presented in 2008 by COCIR, which represents the Radiological Electromedical and Healthcare IT industry in Europe. A revised agreement was presented 2012.


The scope of the agreement focuses on the industry sector on medical imaging equipment for human applications, including the following modalities (equivalent to product groups):

 Computer Tomography (CT),  Ultrasound X-Ray,  Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Nuclear Medicine.

According to the proposal, the complexity of the products makes it impossible to consider all product groups at one time, since the products require specific attention to review all life cycle phases. The adopted principle is based on a 6-step approach. The aim is to target one modality per year.

eceee's views

In the light of relatively low aggregate energy consumption of medical imaging equipment, and the importance to safeguard the primary function of these products, eceee welcomes the self-regulatory initiative as a good intention to contribute to energy efficient product development.

For more information, view our section about Voluntary Agreements.

Date Process Key documents
2012-11 Voluntary agreement presented

Voluntary agreement for medical equipment, version 2.0 (pdf)

2012-02 COCIR Steering Committee 1st Annual Forum

Invitation (pdf)
Magnetic resonance equipment (MRI):
Improvement potentials (pdf)
Measurement energy consumption (pdf)
Targets (pdf)


New proposed voluntary agreement (pdf)
Progress report (pdf)
Audit report (pdf)
Q&A document (pdf)

2009-11 Consultation Forum

Consultation Forum
Draft proposed voluntary agreement versoin 2.0 (pdf)
Draft agenda (pdf)
COCIR presentation (pdf)
Minutes (pdf)

MS (zip)
eceee comments:
(pdf), summary


Call for tenders on product study
Call for tenders DG ENTR