Ecodesign status: Final regulation

Labelling status: Coming products

617/2013: Personal computers (desktops & laptops) and servers

Last updated: 06 November 2019

Proposal for revised requirements adopted. Scrutiny by the European Parliament and the Council period, until January 17, 2019.

Draft revised ecodesign and labelling requrements for displays were discussed in Consultation Forum July 6, 2017. Se under Televisons and electronic displays.

Ecodesign requirements for computers and servers applied from July 1, 2014. Draft guidelines accompanying regulation 617/2013 were submitted in April 2014.

Computers and servers

The adopted measure applies to desktop computers, integrated desktop computers and notebook computers.

The provisions on internal power supply efficiency also apply to:

  • desktop thin clients
  • workstations
  • mobile workstations
  • small-scale servers
  • computer servers

Annex II includes requirements for total energy consumption (TEC), off- and sleep mode power, internal power supply efficiency and power management enabling.

Date Process Key documents
2018-07 Revision study report

Task 7

2018-01 Final report

JRC Technical reports - Analysis of material efficiency aspects of personal computers product group (pdf)

2017-02 Revision study report

Task 1

Task 2

Task 3

Task 4

Tasks 5-6

2016-01 Revision study launched

Revison product study

2014-12 Consultation Forum

WD ecodesign (docx), labelling (doc)
Explanatory notes (doc)

2014-04 Draft guidelines published

Draft guidelines (docx)

2013-06 Final regulation adopted

Final regulation (pdf)


Archived working documents (zip)

None Study on personal computers

 Final report (pdf)