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Lot 30: Special motors and variable speed drives

Last updated: 12 August 2014

This lot was discussed in Consultation Forum 29 September 2014.

Originally, the aim of lot 30 was to identify improvement potential outside the scope of lot 11. Examples of such products were motors below 750 W and above 375 kW, special-purpose inverter duty motors (asynchronous servo motors) and permanent magnet motors.

Revised working document

The latest Working Document is designed to simplify and consolidate all the electric motor ecodesign regulations under one regulation, see point (3):

According to the working document, clarity and transparency regarding the applicable requirements for different electric motors needs to be ensured. Regulation 640/2009/EC is proposed to be repealed and its requirements to be incorporated in a new regulation. This is in order to have only one ecodesign regulation on electric motors.


The scope of the regulation would include electric single speed, 50 Hz or 50/60 Hz continuous duty operation motors with rated voltage up to 1 000 V and rated output from 0.12 kW to 1000 kW.

Certain motor types, such as motors completely integrated into a product of which the energy performance of the motor cannot be tested separately from the product, are excluded from the scope.

In addition, the regulation would include variable speed drives, which continuously adapt the electrical power supplied to the electric motor in order to control the mechanical power output of the motor.

Proposed requirements

The proposed ecodesign requirements outline nominal minimum efficiency requirements for motors based upon rated output power and number of poles. For variable speed drives, the requirements established are maximum power losses at 90% of maximum speed and 100% of maximum torque (W) at rated output power.

If approved in current form, the regulations would come into force according to different timetables depending on type of motor (e.g., squirrel cage, brake, etc) and motor rated output level. The regulations for variable speed drives would come into force 1 January 2018.

Requirements in force for electric motors are specified in Regulation 640/2009, see Lot 11.

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