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1275/2008: Standby and off-mode

Last updated: 06 November 2019

This product group is under revision. The European Commission is expected to convene a standby and network standby meeting autumn 2019.

Final review study on standby was published in April 2017. Consultation forum was held 20 December 2017.

The regulation on standby entered into force 7 January 2009 and updated draft guidelines were published in October 2009. An amendment including networked products entered into force in 2013, see lot 26.

The objective of the eco-design requirements for standby and off-mode is to ensure lowest possible energy use for small and large household appliances and electronic products in passive standby and off modes.

The measure for standby is horizontal i.e. the requirements apply to all products - even those for which specific requirements are not yet defined. They may be replaced by specific requirements defined in implementing measures for certain product groups.

Draft guidelines were published in 2009 with a view to Article 13 (1a) of the Directive 2008/28/EC (amendment to the Ecodesign directive) to facilitate implementation of the regulation, particularly for SMEs. The suggested guidelines are not intended to provide any legal interpretation of the regulation.

Date Process Key documents
2017-12-20 Consultation Forum

Working document (doc)
Annexes (doc)

2017-04 Revision study published

Revision study

2009-10 Updated draft guidelines published

Updated draft guidelines (pdf)
Comments (zip)

2009-07 Draft guidelines published

Draft guidelines for SMEs (word)

2009-01 Regulation enters into force

Final regulation (pdf)

None Adopted by Regulatory Committee

Adopted draft regulation (pdf)

None Consultation Forum

Working document (pdf)
Comments before CF (zip)
Comments after CF (zip)

None Product study report

Product study report (pdf)