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Regulation 327/2011: Ventilation fans

Last updated: 07 June 2016

A proposed revised regulation for ventilation fans was discussed in Consultation Forum 30 April 2015.

Requirements and scope

A fan is defined as a rotary bladed machine that is used to maintain a flow of a gas (typically air) and which is driven by an electric motor. The regulation has an extended product approach, including motor, drive and fan.

Fans that fall within the scope of the measurement include fans of power range 125 W to 500 kW. Fans that fall outside the scope are:

  • Fans designed to operate with an electric motor below 125 W but driven by a motor above 125 W primarily serving other functionalities.
  • Fans for vacuum cleaners (the 8000rpm criterion). These will be covered by future ecodesign measures.

The extended product approach is also applied to fans integrated in ventilation units; Lot 10 (residential ventilation and kitchen hoods) and ENTR Lot 6 (non-domestic ventilation).

Date Process Key documents
2015-04 Consultation Forum

WD (docx)
Explanatory document (docx)


Review report (pdf)


Clarifying note (doc)

Member States
Italy (doc)
United Kingdom (pdf)

Industry & Trade
EPEE (pdf)


Final regulation (pdf)

2010-06 Regulatory Committee

Updated working document (doc)


VDMA (pdf)

2010-03 Consultation Forum

Working document (doc)
Draft agenda (pdf)

eceee (pdf)
Member States (zip)


Revised working document (pdf)

NGO (pdf)


eceee's comments (pdf)

None Consultation Forum (fans and motors)

Working document on fans (pdf)
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None Study completed

Final report fans (pdf)