Workshop on Advanced Lighting Solutions for Retrofitting Buildings

Start/Stop Date:
20 Mar 2013
Lund University,
Lund University
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Lighting accounts for approximately 19%, i.e. 2900 TWh, of the global electric energy consumption. Research and developments in the field of energy efficient lighting techniques encompassing daylighting, artificial lighting and lighting controls combined with activities employing and bringing these techniques to the market can contribute significantly to reduce worldwide electricity consumptions and C02 emissions. With a small volume of new buildings in the developed countries, major lighting energy savings can only be realized by retrofitting the building stock. However, lighting retrofits are still lagging behind in relation to what is economically and technically feasible. Reasons for this shortfall include: lack of awareness, confusing variety of retrofit solutions, missing evidence of the saving potential taking into consideration emerging technologies, insufficient technical and constructive solutions, missing integrated rating methods regarding energy and operational costs, and a lack of incentives.

Task 50 targets building owners (investors), authorities, industry and consultants by providing strategic, technical and economic information and by supporting stakeholders to overcome barriers in retrofitting lighting installations. The overall objective of Task 50 is thus to provide information and tools to governments in order to accelerate the development of efficient solutions for retrofitting lighting in the non-domestic sector using cost-effective, best practice approaches, which can be used on a wide range of typical existing buildings. The role of Task 50 participants is to identify and document the best (proven) solutions and strategies, taking into account opportunities and barriers.

The scope of Task 50 is on general lighting systems for indoor environments. The focus is on lighting appliances in non-domestic buildings. Technically, Task 50 addresses daylight utilization through better façade/roof technologies and architectural solutions, electric lighting schemes as well as lighting control systems and strategies.

Objective of the workshop

  • Task experts will inform about general lighting retrofit issues and possible solutions
  • General experience exchange between industry and research
  • Obtain feedback of industry and practitioner needs to initiate development of IEA Task 50

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Contact: Marie-Claude Dubois