2010 ACEEE Hot Water Forum

Start/Stop Date:
12–14 May 2010
American Council for an Energy Efficienct Economy (ACEEE)
Doubletree Hotel, Ontario, California
Focus Areas:
Energy efficiency
Type of Event:

The last year has seen major developments for hot water efficiency.  DOE launched the ENERGY STAR water heating program, ARRA funding enhanced the reach of efficiency programs, and new federal efficiency standards are to be announced this Spring.  Water use is drawing increased attention, and the President is promoting energy efficiency. 

At this critical time, the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) is pleased to announce the 2010 Forum on Water Heating, Distribution, and Use Efficiency, to be held at the Doubletree Hotel Ontario Airport in Ontario, California, from Wednesday evening, May 12 - Friday afternoon, May 14. 

This event will bring together manufacturers; water, gas, and electric utilities; government and other program and policy specialists; and other industry representatives to learn from each other and explore the potential of increasing efficiency of hot water generation, distribution, and use (fixtures and appliances), with special emphasis on the ENERGY STAR program, solar water heating, multifamily and commercial applications, and water efficiency.   As in 2009, the program will feature short, results-oriented talks, supplemented by table-top displays and presentations in the principal networking area.  

We welcome abstracts and other program ideas, which should be sent to jtalbot@aceee.org.  Co-convenors for this event will be Jim Lutz, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Gary Klein, Affiliated International Management, LLC, and Harvey Sachs, ACEEE, with co-chairs to be announced. Further information on the program and sponsorship opportunities will be posted soon at the 2010 ACEEE Hot Water Forum Website.

Stay tuned! 
In the interest of broadening our scope and reach, this year the Hot Water Forum will be held in tandem with The Energy Technology Symposium, co-convened by IAPMO and the World Plumbing Council. The Emerging Technology Symposium is a two day conference taking place on May 11-12, 2010 at the Doubletree Hotel Ontario Airport. Following up on the popular first ET Symposium, this year's conference is "designed to provide a portal for IAPMO's partners to display and demonstrate their innovative solutions to water and efficiency related needs and regulatory developments," where "presentations and panels will discuss emerging trends, practices and products." Attendees of these forums will learn about the cutting edge hot water issues from the technology, program, and policy perspectives. For more information about the Emerging Technology Symposium visit the conference website at IAPMO Emerging Technology Symposium Website.