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February 2014

28 Feb 2014: Call for papers: The 14th International Symposium on District Heating & Cooling

27–28 Feb 2014: European Nearly Zero Energy Buildings Conference

26–28 Feb 2014: World Sustainable Energy Days 2014

20–21 Feb 2014: Conference on Product Policy - International Trends in Ecodesign & Energy labelling

19 Feb 2014: Green Products, Global Markets – How non-tariff technical barriers can impact global business as well as local expansion

19 Feb 2014: The UN Sustainable Energy for All: a global platform to achieve the transition to efficient appliances & equipment

19 Feb 2014: Call for papers: 4th International 100% Renewable Energy Conference and Exhibition

19 Feb 2014: Roundtable on consumer electronics and international alignment

19 Feb 2014: IRHMA Panel discussion – Future global product policies: the global view from the household appliance industry

19 Feb 2014: "When is a product more than a product, when it is part of a system! A systematic approach to Ecodesign"

19 Feb 2014: Energy labelling: Creating new markets for small-scale heat and power

18 Feb 2014: How can Europe deliver its contribution to 2015 agreement in the framework of 2030 climate and energy policy? A high-level dialogue on prospects for achieving EU goals

10 Feb 2014: Webinar - Getting Building Codes Right: Implementation and Enforcement

04 Feb 2014: eceee ecodesign seminar - From products to systems: Saving more energy through EU policies

04 Feb 2014: Webinar - ESCo market development: A role for facilitators to play