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June 2014

26 Jun 2014: Save your energy!

26–28 Jun 2014: 4th International 100% Renewable Energy Conference and Exhibition

26 Jun 2014: Workshop on PV and building automation systems

26 Jun 2014: Teaming-up with policy makers for a future EU nZEB building stock

26 Jun 2014: Positive Energy Buildings - wishful thinking or (built) reality?

25 Jun 2014: Uptake of Solar PV energy through net metering

25 Jun 2014: Webinar: Best Practices in Designing and Implementing Energy Efficiency Obligation Schemes

25 Jun 2014: Final outcomes and test results of the IEE project ATLETE II

23 Jun 2014: Nearly-zero energy buildings in Europe - Recommendations from research, 14 demonstration sites and 30 buildings

23 Jun–04 Jul 2014: Course: Green Industry: Pathways towards the industry of the future

18 Jun 2014: Transatlantic Best Practices for Energy Efficiency - How to Reduce Energy Dependence by Spurring Demand Response and Energy Savings?

17–19 Jun 2014: Conference: Construction and Built Environment - Future Horizons

16–17 Jun 2014: Community Energy Congress

12 Jun 2014: Primary Energy Demand of Renewable Energy Carriers - Part 2

12 Jun 2014: Webinar #2: How to save energy using renovation policy measures

04–06 Jun 2014: 2nd Energy & Society Conference: Energy transitions as societal transitions: Challenges for the present and the future

03 Jun 2014: Ecodesign as a tool for resource efficiency and circular economy

02–05 Jun 2014: eceee 2014 Industrial Summer Study: Retool for a competitive and sustainable industry