24th BBH Energy Conference

Start/Stop Date:
09 Nov 2016
Club de Warande, Brussels
Focus Areas:
Type of Event:

After the traditional opening remarks by the German Ambassador, our focus this year will be in the first part on the upcoming legislative package in energy, e.g. for a new Renewable Energy Directive, energy efficiency and on internal market in energy reform and governance principles. We will discuss with the Commission, the German government and the Parliament on the key principles or ” dos and don’ts ” for the upcoming new legislation and for the guidelines for state aid.

We will then discuss in more depth the changing energy supply pattern, from citizens power, communal power to large free field PV and big offshore wind and how to structure the energy system in a sustainable, fair and non-discriminatory way.

We will give an overview on the current German nuclear phase out progress  and responsibility issues for the dismantling and safe final storage and we will listen to first input and suggestions for further exit strategies for incumbent energy sources.

This year's BBH Energy Conference will again be held at the Club de Warande and will be precluded by a dinner reception in the evening of the 8th of November 2016 at this wonderful venue in Brussels.