33rd AIVC and 2nd TightVent Conference: Optimising ventilative cooling and airtightness for (nearly) zero-energy buildings, IAQ and comfort

Start/Stop Date:
10–11 Oct 2012
Air Infiltration and Ventilation centre (AIVC) and TighVent Europe
Downtown Copenhagen - AXELBORG, Vesterbrogade 4A, 1620 Copenhagen V
Focus Areas:
ventilation and infiltration in nearly zero-energy buildings, building and ductwork airtightness
Type of Event:

Conference concept
The conference will consist of 2 or 3 parallel tracks:


  • One track will to a large extent be devoted to ventilative cooling;
  • One track will to a large extent be devoted to airtightness issues.

    The conference will consist of a mixture of:


  • Well-prepared structured workshops focused on the conference topics;
  • Presentations on invitation;
  • Presentations from call for papers.

    The joint ’33rd AIVC Conference‘ and ’2nd TightVent Conference’ aims to focus on ventilation and infiltration in nearly zero-energy buildings and more particularly on challenges and perspectives for ventilative cooling (the use of ventilation systems to cool indoor spaces) as well as the rationale and solutions for better building and ductwork airtightness.

    Ventilative cooling strategies, as part of an overall design strategy including adequate solar protections, thermal mass and active cooling, can help improve thermal comfort. Their potential is more and more considered to reduce the cooling energy demand in summer or mid-season conditions, depending in particular on outdoor climate, building design and internal loads.

    At the same time, ventilation as well as envelope and ductwork airtightness remain a specific challenge for new or renovated very low-energy buildings as they can represent over 50% of a building's total space heating (or cooling) needs. Besides, their share often increases with increasing energy performance.

    To address these issues, the aim of this conference is to present and foster new research and development, applications and market transformation with a specific focus on ventilative cooling strategies as well as envelope and ductwork airtightness, two aspects that are particularly relevant in the trend towards nearly zero-energy buildings.

    Topics of the conference
    Contributions are invited in the areas of research, development, application and market and legislative implementation of ventilation and infiltration. Preference will be given to abstracts focusing on one of the following topics:

    For ventilative cooling aspects:

    • Potential for ventilative cooling strategies
    • Design approaches for ventilative cooling and case studies
    • Ventilative cooling in energy performance regulations
    • Summer comfort and ventilation

    For airtightness related aspects:

    • Product and method developments for envelope and ductwork airtightness
    • Best practice and case studies
    • Quality management approaches for envelope and ductwork airtightness
    • Airtightness issues in existing buildings
    • Energy and IAQ impact of envelope and ductwork leakage
    • Ventilation and infiltration in mild climates

    For other ventilation aspects:

    • Innovative ventilation concepts and combined systems
    • Demand-controlled ventilation
    • Humidity control and moisture damage
    • Ventilation and thermal comfort, and infiltration in nearly zero-energy buildings

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    Conference flyer

    Conference secretariat
    Mr. Stéphane Degauquier
    sd@bbri.be - Fax +32.2.653.07.29
    Lozenberg 7 – BE-1932 St-Stevens-Woluwe, Belgium

    Additional information
    More information will be soon available on the AIVC website and TightVent Europe website.