36th AIVC Conference

Start/Stop Date:
23–24 Sep 2015
International Network on Ventilation and Energy Performance (INIVE), TightVent Europe and Ventikool and Eduoardo Torroja Institute for Construction Science - IETcc-CSIC
La Sede Cultural Centre, Madrid, Spain.
Focus Areas:
Effective ventilation in high performance buildings
Type of Event:

The building sector plays a key role to be successful in achieving ambitious goals to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emission. The development and revision of energy performance of buildings regulations as well as the implementation of pilot high performance building programmes reflect the growing awareness regarding the abatement potential in this sector.

However, one key concern regards provisions taken in practice to maintain acceptable indoor environmental quality while taking measures to reduce buildings’ energy use. Specifically on ventilation and infiltrations issues, indoor contaminants should be contained within acceptable limits for the health and comfort of the occupants. The overheating risk should be addressed with appropriate management of solar loads, airflow rates and thermal mass. Air infiltration losses should be minimized.

Fortunately, these challenges can be overcome in practice in conventional and in high performance buildings. However, building designs aiming for high performance are often more sensitive than conventional buildings to mistakes and inappropriate provisions for energy conservation and indoor climate.

Therefore, the joint 36th AIVC, 5th TightVent and 3rd venticool Conference aims to focus on effective ventilation in high performance buildings, with the following major themes:

  • Thermal comfort and ventilative cooling—i.e., the application of ventilation airflow rates to cool indoor spaces and avoid overheating in buildings;
  • Air infiltration through leaks in the building envelope and ductwork;
  • Ventilation in relation to Indoor Air Quality and health.

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