Webinar: Optimisation of motor systems – Motor Systems Tool

Start/Stop Date:
15 Oct 2015
4E Electric Motor Systems Annex and the Danish Technological Institute with support from Leonardo Energy
Webinar 15:00 - 16:00 CET
Focus Areas:
Energy efficiency, Motor Systems Tool
Type of Event:

Speaker: Sandie B. Nielesen
Moderator: Fernando Nuno

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The Motor Systems Tool (MST) calculates the efficiency on entire motor systems taking all individual component efficiencies into account, such as the motor, drive, transmission and load (e.g. pump, fan, compressor, etc.), even at partial load. The MST can calculate and compare “before/after” situations on existing motor systems as well as assist when dimensioning a new installation. For this purpose multiple component algorithms with efficiency as function of load and speed have been developed. The MST has been developed using experience from numerous energy savings projects in Denmark in the framework of the IEA 4E Electric Motor Systems Annex. Key words of the Motor Systems Tool: easy-to-use, impartial, flexible, easily accessible.

Participants should install the MST before the webinar: www.motorsystems.org/motor-systems-tool

The webinar will give an introduction to:

  • Introducing the MST, demonstrating possibilities (thoughts behind, background, etc.)
  • Calculation examples, walkthrough by the trainer (approach from net, from application, energy calculations -before/after scenarios)
  • Demonstration of some of the algorithms inside the tool (motor model, gear model, etc.)

Note: the webinars on optimizing pump and fan systems complement this MST webinar.