Webinar: Pumps & circulators: ecodesign and optimisation of pump systems

Start/Stop Date:
03 Dec 2015
Danish Technological Institute with support from Leonardo Energy
Webinar 15:00 - 16:00 CET
Focus Areas:
Pumps & circulators, pump systems
Type of Event:

Speaker: Sandie B. Nielsen
Moderator: Fernando Nuno

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Pumps and fans are one of the most common applications within industrial motor systems, responsible for 40-45% of all electrical energy consumed by industrial applications. In the European Union, minimum energy performance standards for both fans and pumps have been established from early on as part of the ecodesign process. By now both products have already entered the second stage of regulation.

This webinar addresses pumps and circulators. It will demonstrate the different regulatory approaches concerning the two, and it will introduce how to test both a pump and a circulator in line with the European regulation. Also, it will go through the consecutive steps to optimize a pump system, with calculation examples for both products. For this purpose, the free calculator for motor systems, the Motor Systems Tool, provided by the IEA 4E Electric Motor Systems Annex, should be installed before the webinar: www.motorsystems.org/motor-systems-tool

The webinar will give an introduction to:

  • European ecodesign regulations on water pumps and circulators and how these products are tested for compliance.
  • Demonstrate through examples of pump installations potential savings on pumps and circulators, using the Motor Systems Tool.
  • The complementary webinar on the Motor Systems Tool gives an introduction and more in-depth exercises on the use of the tool.

Note: the webinar on Optimisation of motor systems – Motor Systems Tool