6th South Eastern Europe Conference: Energy efficiency & RES

Start/Stop Date:
14–16 Apr 2010
Inter Expo Center, Sofia, Bulgaria
Focus Areas:
Energy efficiency and renewable energy sources
Type of Event:


The Forum presents the European EE & RES knowledge and experience, and is an excellent platform for dialogue and business contacts. It uniquely combines scientific and industrial issues from all perspectives of EE & RES, providing the industry professionals with the latest technologies, strategies and best practices that lower costs and improve reliability.

Europe is now a world leader in sustainable energy projects and improvements, and the Congress will emphasize on the opportunities and common sense practices offered through these developments as well as their application in such a way that the potential for intelligent use of energy is fully exploited. The accelerated EE & RES activity in the Region of SE Europe during the last couple of years combined with the industrial development and the economic growth promise an exciting Congress & Exhibition for manufacturers, experts, researchers, contractors and investors alike.

The EE & RES Congress & Exhibition focus every year on one of the most advanced countries and regions with the purpose to establish a strategic partnership for know-how transfer. Due to the top figure of merits Germany is again the Strategic Partner of the initiative, while following its intensive activities and efforts in the field, Italy is the 2010 Country in Focus.

Who will you meet?

More than 500 relevant stakeholders are expected to attend from

  • EU, Regional and Local Representations of Governmental & Municipality Institutions
  • EE & RES Technology Manufacturers and Service Providers
  • Industrialists
  • Financial Institutions
  • Venture Capital Companies
  • Legal Experts and Consultants
  • Tourist and Hospitality Managers
  • EE & RES Project Developers
  • Contractors
  • Architects & Engineers
  • Energy Market Advisors
  • Agricultural Experts
  • Land Owners and Real estate Companies
  • Business & Shopping Center Administrators
  • Waste Experts & Environmental Experts
  • Forwarding and Transport firms
  • Post and Courier companies

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