9th Congress & Exhibition on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy for South-East Europe

Start/Stop Date:
29–31 May 2013
Via Expo
Sofia, Bulgaria, Inter Expo Center
Focus Areas:
Energy efficiency and renewables
Type of Event:
  • Targeted at the Regional market, the exhibition provides participants with a quick market entry opportunity and connect them with new partners.
  • The Austrian environmental know-how will be presented at the Austrian pavilion for the fourth consecutive year. For the first time there will be a Hungarian National Participation, organized by the Hungarian Investment and Trade Agency. 
  • Main Exhibition / Congress branches: Energy Efficiency, Bio-, Wind-, Solar-, Geothermal- and Hydro Energy, Waste-To-Energy, Directive on Energy Performance of Buildings Implementation, Passive House & Zero Energy Buildings, Benchmarking of Regulations on Energy Efficiency of Buildings, etc.
  • The Congress will emphasize best practices and shape the challenges in the environmental sectors in South-East Europe. Keynote speakers from the European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, European Commission – DG Energy, European Renewable Energy Council, etc. will participate.
  • GMI Workshop on Landfill Gas Utilization will be organized by the U.S. Environmental Agency
  • Parallel events - ‘Save the Planet’ (Conference and Exhibition on Waste Management) and ‘Smart Buildings’.

Testimonials 2012

'Our exhibitors from the Austrian Pavilion were all in all very satisfied with the show! So we are planning to enlarge the Austrian participation in 2013.’ Ivo Duerr, the International Trade Show Agency, Vienna, the organizer of the Austrian Pavilion


Post Event Report 2012

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