9th Energy Storage World Forum

Start/Stop Date:
14–18 Sep 2015
The Alliance for Rural Electrification
Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel, Sydney, Australia
Focus Areas:
Energy storage, microgrid
Type of Event:

The 9th Programme features over 40 new topics including generation, transmission, retail, distribution as well as off-grid. It will also cover grid defection business models and 95% of the speakers are end-users including 6 EPCs and Project Developers, 17 Utilities / TSOs / DSOs such as: AGL, ORIGIN, ERGON and E.ON.

Dufresne started researching this Forum in 2009. Their conference format is unique and will include a session called BUILDING THE ACTION PLAN. This session will allow you to bring back to your office a tailored list of solutions useful for your strategy meetings. Find out more about the BAP session here: http://bit.ly/bapaustralia

Batteries in rural electrification markets

The Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE) has identified energy storage as one of the key components to meet customer needs and thereby to advance rural electrification markets. Feel free to have a look at the ARE position paper "Using batteries to ensure clean, reliable and affordable universal electricity access" which focuses about the added value of using batteries for off-grid renewable energy systems and as grid backup.



The 3rd Residential Energy Storage Forum
15 September 2015

Microgrid Masterclass
18 September 2015

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