ACEEE 2011 Summer Study - Energy Productivity in Industry: Partners and Opportunities

Start/Stop Date:
26–29 Jul 2011
American Council for an Energy-efficient Economy (ACEEE)
Niagara Falls Conference Center, NY
Focus Areas:
Energy efficiency, policy and technology
Type of Event:

Energy is essential to industry. Just as industry has cut costs and optimized production over the last several decades by increasing its labor productivity, the next several decades will see industry achieve even greater savings by increasing its energy productivity. Energy productivity is a lean-style way of expanding energy efficiency beyond the traditional definition to include new forms of energy, new processes to use them, and recovery of waste energy streams. Maximizing energy productivity will require all interested stakeholders to form effective partnerships.

The focus of ACEEE’s 9th biennial Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Industry will be bringing these stakeholder groups together. Participants from around the world will gather for three days to discuss technical, policy, financing, and program issues related to increasing energy productivity in industry. Presentations and discussions will relate to the theme, Energy Productivity in Industry: Partners and Opportunities.

The 2011 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Industry will focus on the roles and themes critical to moving forward in these uncertain times. The panels are organized around key stakeholder groups to focus on their roles and opportunities. Themes running through the sessions will include: new green technologies; energy productivity research and development; smart industrial processes; utilization of waste energy and carbon sequestration; life-cycle analysis and supply chain; workforce development; regulations and public policy; and effective partnerships. Come to Summer Study to learn from and network with energy experts from private industry, academia, government, consulting firms, and nonprofits.

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