Call for Papers - Behaviour, Energy & Climate Change Conference (BECC)

Start/Stop Date:
15 May 2011
American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, California Institute for Energy and Environment (CIEE) and Precourt Energy Efficiency Center (PEEC)
Washington, D.C., USA
Focus Areas:
Energy efficiency, climate change
Type of Event:

About BECC

The Behavior, Energy and Climate Change Conference is the fifth annual conference focused on understanding the nature of individual and organizational behavior and decision making, and using that knowledge to accelerate our transition to an energy-efficient and low carbon economy. It will build on the overwhelming success of previous BECC conferences, at which more than 650 participants discussed successful policy and program strategies, shared important research findings, and built dynamic new networks and collaborations.

The BECC Conference is convened by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE), California Institute for Energy and Environment (CIEE), University of California, and the Precourt Energy Efficiency Center (PEEC), Stanford University.

Call For Abstracts - Share Your Knowledge

Deadline for Submission is May 15, 2011

BECC 2011 Call for Abstracts is available here (pdf)

We invite abstracts for formal oral presentations, short "lightning talks" and poster presentations. We are seeking well-documented applications of behavioral approaches in energy/climate policies and programs at individual, organizational or community scales; new, relevant behavioral research findings; measured results; and best practices. Previous conferences have emphasized the residential buildings sector. This year the organizers seek abstracts from diverse issue sectors, including commercial buildings, transportation, urban design, sustainable consumption, as well as residential buildings. Policies and programs that have demonstrated results in changing behavior are of particular interest, as well as thoughtful discussions of emerging policy/program issues, behavioral research methods, and selected novel/transformative ideas.

Abstract topic areas (Select best fit):

  1. Use of policy to influence behavior at local, state and federal levels
  2. New ideas and advances in behavioral sciences (economics, psychology, sociology & related fields)
  3. Application of persuasive messages in public service announcements, branding & marketing campaigns; opinion polls
  4. Real world interventions using behavioral techniques (feedback, commitments, rewards, competitions, prompts, social norms, networks...)
  5. Program design, evaluation, models & methods

Sectors (Select best fit):

  1. Residential Buildings, Equipment and Operations
  2. Commercial / Industrial Sectors
  3. Transportation
  4. Urban Design
  5. Sustainable Consumption (including food, waste, recycling, water, goods & services)
  6. Other

Submit your abstract here Deadline May 15, 2011

New Services, More Exposure, Increased Value

  • New! Presenters have the opportunity to publish peer-reviewed quality conference papers on the BECC eScholarship page.
  • New! Share your lightning presentation with the world! Lightning session presenters can submit five-minute presentations on the new BECC Youtube page. Available to lightning presenters only. Check this out
  • PowerPoint slides are requested and will be posted online. Visit the BECC 2010 Conference page to see last year's slides!

Note:  All presenters are expected to register for the conference by September 1 and to pay conference registration fees.  Students who submit abstracts can request an early decision from the Precourt Student Fellows Program (see below) if your completed application including your advisor’s signature is received before June 15. The Precourt program offers a limited number of partial registration scholarships to encourage students to participate in BECC. Applications open March 15.