Business Zoo: Innovative business models for integrated housing renovation

Start/Stop Date:
18 Apr 2012
Passiefhuisplatform and IWT
Lindner Hotel & City Lounge, Lange Kievitstraat 125, B-2018 Antwerp, Belgium (near the Zoo…)
Focus Areas:
Energy efficiency, buildings
Type of Event:

Why this event?

Construction enterprises can set the trend in a large emerging sustainable housing renovation market. Especially, the retrofitting of single family houses offers substantial opportunities for energy savings and achieving quality and environmental goals.

However, the renovation process is now often too fragmented between many market players (usually SMEs) and the client as well as the SME’s find it difficult to consult all necessary know-how and resources (examples, technical solutions, company experiences, quality assurance, financial support…). Also, market players find it difficult to collaborate beyond the project level.

This needs to change and this event shows that it can!

Innovation in renovation business models

This event is about innovation: about integrated renovation approaches, about new forms of collaboration. This event is about generating new business models: about unburdening the client, about offering a 'one-stop-shop'.

Innovative technologies can be clustered and presented as a holistic renovation solution. SME competences and know-how can be increased through collaboration. A 'one-stop-shop' concept can offer an integrated solution.

One-stop-shop is exemplified in an ERA-NET Eracobuild project. The project aims at process innovation by developing an integrated and quality-assured offer, combining the needs of suppliers and consumers.

Inspiration, knowledge, contacts...

This event is offering you inspiration, knowledge, contacts… in a quite active and interactive setting. Based on a unique "Business Zoo" format, the event will foster collaboration along the renovation business chains, leading to innovative and integrated market concepts. Through developing concepts and generating business models, the participants, market players along the business chain and their customers, have ample opportunities to cluster and to initiate partnerships.

Who should attend?

You should attend if you’re ambitious and committed to contribute to an integrated sustainable renovation market development.

Participants from both the demand and the supply side are required: architects, contractors, project managers, installers, suppliers, engineering offices, energy specialists, DIY companies, energy management companies, project developers, cities and municipalities, tenant and owners associations, investors and banks, research centers,..

What to expect?

No boring PowerPoint’s and endless discussions. Action and personal commitment rule instead, as well as creativity and networking. Join, and share your experiences and ideas! Through the day, inspired moderators (gulls) tightly guide small-group workshops to relevant conclusions and a proper learning effect for all participants. All results are shared and put in a broader perspective.

The event is built up on two main pillars:

Setting the scene. During a set of pitch presentations, ‘hands-on’ experts share their experience on emerging business developments for integrated renovation. In small groups, guided by moderators, clear-cut challenges raised by the presentations are then identified and defined.

Business Zoo: business modeling workshops. Brainstorm with various types of market players on new integrated business models for deep and sustainable renovation, around moderated discussion tables.

31 March 2012 Registration and submission of a participation profile
18 April 2012 Business Zoo event