Call for abstracts - extended deadline, IEPPEC 2016

Start/Stop Date:
02 Nov 2015
International Energy Policy & Program Evaluation Conference (IEPPEC)
Science Center NEMO, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Focus Areas:
Evaluation of energy efficiency policies and programs
Type of Event:

The purpose of the conference is to provide a forum for the presentation, critique and discussion of sound evaluations, as well as for experience sharing about evaluation practices. The conference aims at gathering new ideas, inputs for current and upcoming debates, experience feedback and lessons learnt about all the stages of evaluations (preparation, realisation, analysis of results, evaluation use).

The primary focus is on evaluations of energy efficiency policies and programmes, including non-energy impacts (health, jobs, etc.). It is also open to inputs from evaluations related to low carbon or sustainability policies and programmes (e.g., renewable energy generation, transport, waste management, water, food).

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Hot topics for IEPPEC 2016:

  • Raising the interest of decision makers and investors in evaluation: what are their expectations and needs? examples of successful evaluations being really taken into account?
  • Implementation of the European Energy Efficiency Directive: what do available evaluations tell us? what has the Directive changed in terms of evaluation practices?
  • Post-Kyoto era: what role for evaluations? what are the lessons learnt from the experience of the Kyoto era?
  • Non-energy impacts of energy policies & programmes: how to evaluate them? how to value them?
  • Energy impacts of non-energy policies & programmes: are they evaluated? how big can they be?
  • Smart meters, smart grids & co: how smart are they in practice? do new data mean new evaluation methods? what about the actual impacts on grid management and grid losses?
  • Evolving energy markets: does it change the way to promote energy efficiency? can new energy pricing be instruments for energy savings? does it impact data availability and access?
  • Evaluation of financing energy efficiency: which policies have been successful in leveraging private finance for energy efficiency and deliver the market transformation? How to evaluate these policies? What are the best practices?

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