Call for papers 7th International Renewable Energy Storage Conference and Exhibition (IRES 2012)

Start/Stop Date:
01 May 2012
EUROSOLAR and the World Council for Renewable Energy (WCRE)
Berlin Congress Center, Berlin, Germany
Focus Areas:
Type of Event:

Call for papers - IRES 2012

You are invited to submit abstracts of projects addressing the following topics:

  • Storage solutions for electricity, heat and mobility (electrochemical, electrostatic, electromechanical, electrodynamic, chemical, thermal and thermochemical)
  • The legal, political, social, national economic and market economic aspects of integrating energy storage into the energy supply system
  • The need for storage capacity - scenarios and assessment studies for all applications and energy sectors
  • Strategies for systems with a high share of Renewable Energy and 100% Renewable Energy systems – focus on the use of storage
  • Storage systems in stationary applications as well as vehicle to grid solutions and their integration into the power grid
  • Hybrid and combined Renewable Energy power plants/virtual power plants and smart grid concepts with Renewable Energy
  • Self consumption of photovoltaic energy, off-grid and micro-grid systems
  • Heat storage for buildings and industrial applications
  • Compact thermal energy storage: design of reactors, heat exchanger development, optimization of heat and mass transport as well as simulations of all these aspects
  • CHP and heating networks, use of new or existing thermal storage in the power grids
  • Interaction of the energy networks for power, gas and heat and cross-sectoral use of energy storage systems
  • High temperature storage for Concentrating Solar Power (CSP)
  • Market entry strategies and the associated business and cost models for the operation of storage systems and hybrid and combined Renewable Energy power plants/virtual power plants under different economic and technological frameworks (developed countries, developing countries, emerging economies)
  • And in particular: realized systems and operational experience
  • All topics can be considered from a technical, an economic as well as from an ecological point of view.

In order to permit a clear structure for the conference to be established, kindly make sure to specify whether your submission concerns:

a) research
b) analysis of installed systems, or
c) new product innovations.

Unless you specify the nature of your submission we will be unable to consider it for inclusion in the conference program.

In particular we also encourage to submit articles providing overviews. These should not primarily feature one’s own work but rather provide critical analysis of a field and an unbiased view with respect to the state of the art of it.

Poster exhibition:
Projects can also be shared by a poster presentation at the conference location (poster size A0). A special poster session provides the opportunity for the poster presenters to explain their projects and work to the conference attendees.

Please send an abstract of your lecture or poster presentation (1 page maximum plus 2 optional pages with captioned charts and diagrams) in German or English, by May 1, 2012 to:, or to: EUROSOLAR e.V., Kaiser-Friedrich-Str. 11, 53113 Bonn, Germany. Phone: +49 (0) 228-362373, Fax: +49 (0) 228-361279

Abstracts should include and specify:

  • The title of the paper/poster presentation
  • Full contact details including the author's phone and fax numbers, e-mail address and the name of someone to contact in case of questions
  • A short summary of the presentation
  • Findings/conclusions/résumé
  • Presentation of choice: paper or poster


  • Font: Times New Roman, 12 pt, Title in capital letters
  • Single line spacing
  • Word document or PDF file

Call for papers (pdf)

Sponsoring & Exhibition options (pdf)