Call for papers: eceee 2014 Industrial Summer Study

Start/Stop Date:
01 Nov 2013
The European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (eceee)
Papendal, Arnhem, the Netherlands
Focus Areas:
Energy efficiency, sustainable development
Type of Event:

Call for papers open now

Submit an abstract for a peer-reviewed paper or project presentation by 1 November

eceee 2014 Industrial Summer Study
2–5 June
Papendal, Arnhem, the Netherlands

Following the success after eceee’s first-ever Industrial Summer Study in 2012, eceee is now proud to announce the call for papers to its second Industrial Summer Study. It covers all types of industry, from manufacturing and food processing to heavy process industry, and it covers large companies as well as SMEs.

The industry sector accounts for about one third of the energy consumption in the EU, and the share is similar in other developed economies. Regardless of the sector, energy efficiency is key to productivity, energy security, job creation and sustainability. In a time of global financial turmoil and shaky markets, it is crucial to improve the resilience of the industry sector by making it more efficient and productive. This is important not only to maintain or secure a stable position in the market, but also to contribute to sustainable development. Increased focus on energy efficiency can not only control fuel costs, it can also help increasing quality of production and reducing non-energy costs associated with maintenance, production stand still and insurance fees. And this will have positive employment benefits.

With the slow European economy, retooling for a sustainable and competitive industry sector is the way forward.

You can contribute

At the heart of eceee’s work is evidence-based knowledge on energy efficiency. All eceee’s Summer Studies are part of generating and sharing this knowledge. This will be always be an integrated part of anything that eceee does.

However, eceee has always cherished the informal information sharing as well, through its informal sessions and round the clock networking. We are now taking this one step further by introducing the possibility to present papers that do not undergo a rigorous peer-review, but still offer conference participants the option to present a project and to get feedback from panel leaders and fellow conference participants. As an author, you must still submit an abstract by 1 November.

Six themes form the core of the 2014 Summer Study call for papers:

• Programmes to promote industrial energy efficiency
• Sustainable production design and supply chain initiatives
• Matching policies and drivers: Policies and directives to drive industrial efficiency
• Undertaking high impact actions: The role of technology and systems optimisation
• The role of energy management systems, education, outreach and training
• Business models to improve industrial efficiency, global perspective