Carbon removals for climate neutrality - A pathway to Europe's decarbonization

Start/Stop Date:
27 Sep 2023
Fraunhofer EU Office
Focus Areas:
Carbon removals, negative emissions, carbon management
Type of Event:

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Join the 9th edition of our Fraunhofer Twin Transition Series to discuss the potential of carbon removals for Europe’s climate neutrality!

Negative Emission Technologies have become increasingly relevant for the decarbonization of Europe’s industry. The EU underscored this with its recent policy proposals for sustainable carbon cyclescertification for carbon removals, industrial carbon management and net-zero industry technologies.

Our experts will elaborate on Negative Emission Technologies in the IPCC 6th assessment report, their technological readiness, and their role with regard to land use, biodiversity, resources and renewable energy systems. They will address chances and challenges for the utilization of biomass, biogenic residues and waste streams, and highlight the potential of carbon management.

We are delighted to welcome Tiemo Wölken (German MEP – S&D), who will talk about the current political debate as Shadow Rapporteur of the ENVI Committee on the proposed Regulation for a Union certification framework for carbon removals.

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